Special Session:  Generalizable Deep Learning Techniques for Medical Image Computing 2023 (GDLMIC 2023)  

Session Chair: Dr. G.N. BALAJI

Email: balaji.gn@vit.ac.in; Ph: +91 9944065055

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Special Session:  Artificial Intelligence-based Wearable and Neural Computing for Medical Technologies 2023 (AIWNM 2023) 

Session Chair: Dr. D. SOMASUNDARAM 

Email: somasundaram.d@vit.ac.in; Ph: +91 9791267062 

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Special Session:  Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Analysis and Diagnosis of Health Data 2023 (EAIADH 2023) 

Session Chair: Dr. D. KARTHIKEYAN

Email: karthikeyan.duraisamy@vit.ac.in; Ph: +91 9080592199 

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Special Session:  Early Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Diseases using ML/DL Techniques (Neuro2023) (Hybrid)

Session Chairs: Dr. Anshu Parashar, Dr. Amrita Kaur, Dr. Sunita, Dr. Alok Mishra

Email: anshuparashar@nitkkr.ac.in; Ph: +91 9896262553 

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